Help Us Create a New GEOSTRATA Feature

Soil mechanics has been a discipline for almost 100 years due to the contributions of many well-known and not-so-well known persons. For example, at the IFCEE 2015 conference in San Antonio, TX, I heard for the first time why a thin-walled tube for soft soil sampling is called a “Shelby” tube. I’m sure there are many types of equipment, design methods, terminology, and the like that we use in daily practice, but what do we know about how they came to be or be named? Before they are lost to history, we hope this new feature in GEOSTRATA will inform, entertain, and help answer the question, “Did You Know?”


“Did You Know?” will be limited to 500 words plus a graphic and short author bio. If you have an idea for a “Did You Know?” feature, please email a title and 50-word abstract of your proposed contribution to


James L. Withiam